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Why a zombie blog?

Ever since I started thinking about starting this project I heard the same question more than once – why a zombie blog? I mean, it’s a valid question really.

There are – literally – millions of blogs out there. You can find blogs that teach you how to cook, how to DIY your living room decor, and how to travel on the cheap. You can think of almost any subject matter on the planet and you’ll probably find someone who blogs about it.

But those things are REAL. Travel is real, decoupage coffee tables are real, and the perfect flaky pie crust is real. (That last one is in theory for me right now. I do NOT know how to make a flaky pie crust. Luckily that’s not a skill I will need in the zombie apocalypse unless the undead start craving peach pies.)

Zombies are not real. At least I hope not. I don’t think they are. Anyway. Theoretically they are not real. So the question remains:

Why would I create a zombie blog?

Because I can’t stop talking and thinking about zombies. They’re everywhere in my brain (not literally, luckily). I sit and look around my office and wonder what escape route I’d take if the patient zero ended up being a colleague. I glance about the living room and debate what object within arm’s reach would make the best impromptu weapon. At supper time I discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead, whatever zombie flick we last watched, and debate survival options.

Good thing my whole family is pretty into zombies.

But see, the thing is, I figured it can’t just be us. I mean, I’m sure we seem really weird to people who don’t find this to be a normal conversation topic. I know we’re not alone though. There are others out there who really DO think about zombies, read about them, watch everything about them, etc.

If *I* want to talk about it, there’s got to be someone else who also wants to talk about it. So here we are. A zombie blog. Because really, why the fuck not, right?

So this blog is really here to cover a few things. I want to share thoughts and ideas about what the zombie apocalypse may (or may not) look like. I also love talking about my favorite undead films and TV shows (hello, Walking Dead), sharing reading material that I’ve come across, and even a bit of humor, because even when the world ends I’m going to want to laugh once in awhile.

Also, because a huge part of surviving the pending zombie apocalypse is, well, survival, I’ll be posting about that too. Am I a survivalist? No. Do I currently possess a bunch of survival skills that will lend well to the dead roaming the earth. Um, also no. But I’m going to be doing some research and some learning, and I’ll share what I’ve learned with you. Expect video from time to time where you may get to laugh at me. (Hint – some survival tips may be ACTUALLY beneficial in general with or without zombies. Win-win!)

So come join me!

But there’s no point in this being one-sided. Can you survive the outbreak all on your own? Maybe. But for how long? As they say in the Legend of Zelda (pardon my cross-fandom moment), it’s dangerous to go alone. There’s safety in numbers – usually. So let’s try this journey together.

Comments are always welcome on this blog’s posts, and you should feel free to join me on whichever social media floats your boat – I’m on most of them, the big ones at least, so come say hi!

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And if you’re shy, well you can just email me quietly at undead@thezombielifestyle.com or join the mailing list (coming soon).

Finally if you’re just dying (that’s a terrible expression under these circumstances, I know) to know more, you can read a bit more about this site and about me.

I look forward to surviving with you!

Just remember… always double-tap.

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    • William on May 10, 2018 at 2:42 am
    • Reply

    Well, it’s better to think about zombies all day and not need to than to be caught wearing flip-flops and pre-occupied when those bastards finally kick off the full-blown ZA.

    ( I say “full-blown ZA” because I think Hell is full and they’re trickling into the Here and Now even as I write this…)

      • TZL on May 18, 2018 at 9:08 pm
      • Reply

      That’s an excellent point! Better to over-prepare for nothing than under-prepare for everything!

    • Some person on September 13, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    Wow a lot of excellent material.

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