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Oct 14

Escaping zombies on public transit buses

Escape zombies on public transit

The zombie apocalypse is rough enough on its own. But when shit hits the fan while you’re stuck on a bus or a subway, that introduces a whole other level of hell. What do you do when you find yourself in a situation where you need to escape zombies on public transit like a bus? …

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Apr 08

Who will survive the zombie apocalypse (besides the redneck)

Who will survive the zombie apocalypse

If you watch The Walking Dead – and if you’re into zombies you probably have at some point at least – then you’ve more than likely had the conversation that revolves around this question. Who will survive the zombie apocalypse? Now speaking of the show, the character Daryl Dixon has led many people to agree …

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Apr 04

Why a zombie blog?

Ever since I started thinking about starting this project I heard the same question more than once – why a zombie blog? I mean, it’s a valid question really. There are – literally – millions of blogs out there. You can find blogs that teach you how to cook, how to DIY your living room decor, …

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Hey there. Welcome to The Zombie Lifestyle. Please keep an eye on the doors and windows. You never know when the undead will try to bust in unannounced. What The Zombie Lifestyle Is About: The Zombie Lifestyle is a slightly tongue-in-cheek blog. I once read the book The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks and …

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