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Oct 14

Escaping zombies on public transit buses

Escape zombies on public transit

The zombie apocalypse is rough enough on its own. But when shit hits the fan while you’re stuck on a bus or a subway, that introduces a whole other level of hell. What do you do when you find yourself in a situation where you need to escape zombies on public transit like a bus? …

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Jul 05

How to physically prepare for the zombie apocalypse

Physically preparing for the zombie apocalypse

Many of us spend a lot of time sitting around discussing how we will survive the undead uprising. We’re really, really good at debating what weapons we’d choose, who we’d want to team up with, and even how we’d probably wind up dead anyway. But all of this is moot if we don’t stop to …

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Apr 15

The most likely reasons I will die in the zombie apocalypse

how i will die in the zombie apocalypse

I talk a big game. I watch zombie shows and movies, read books, and tell myself I will totally be a badass survivor during the undead uprising. The truth is, however, I will probably die in the zombie apocalypse – pretty quickly too. In Walking Dead terms, I’m less Maggie and more dead bicycle girl. I’m …

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