Mar 22

New show coming to Netflix: Black Summer

Well. Have you seen the trailer for the new Netflix show, Black Summer yet? I have and then I had to put on a pair of clean pants because that looks INTENSE.

New Netflix zombie thriller Black Summer

New Netflix zombie thriller Black Summer

If you haven’t seen it yet, Black Summer takes place prior to the cult hit show Z Nation. Don’t be fooled! This is not the campy, silly, over-the-top humourous take on the zompoc you’re used to seeing in Z Nation. It is serious and it is SCARY. In Z Nation the characters have occasionally made reference to “the summer it all went to hell.” Well, this new show is THAT summer.

It takes place at the near-start of the zombie apocalypse, back when no one really understands what’s happening. You know, back when everyone still thinks the military is going to save them. Ahh, they all think that at first, right? One of the main characters (played by Jamie King) becomes separated from her daughter and sets out to find her with a group of strangers. I think it sounds – and looks – pretty amazing. See for yourself:

I broke a sweat just watching that again. Like I said, this is NOT Z Nation style zombie fun. This is way more harsh. Also, is it just me or are those zombies really fast? They move more like the zombies in the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead than those of The Walking Dead or old-school George Romero ghouls.

New Netflix zombie thriller Black Summer

New Netflix zombie thriller Black Summer

Black Summer hits Netflix (in Canada too, thank god, I was worried I would be left behind while all my American friends got to see this first) on April 11th. In true Netflix style, all eight episodes are released at once so it’s perfect for a good old binge-fest. I may have to take the day off work just to spend that eight-hour work day watching zombies instead.

New Netflix show Black Summer

New Netflix show Black Summer

I think it’s going to take more than some z-weed to come down from this show. What do you think?

Read more about the show here!

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  1. This was truly one of the most disappointing zombie series I have ever watched. Started strong, just got terrible. It’s a shame because I think they could have had something really good.

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