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Welcome to The Zombie Lifestyle. Please keep an eye on the doors and windows. You never know when the undead will try to bust in unannounced.

What The Zombie Lifestyle Is About:

The Zombie Lifestyle is a slightly tongue-in-cheek blog. I once read the book The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks and I loved it. The entire book was brilliant, written as though zombies were an active and ongoing threat to the human race.  He didn’t write in a campy way; he approached it like an honest-to-god survival book just like the wilderness survival books that belonged to my dad that I loved reading as a kid.

I decided to create a place where I can share how one really WOULD survive a zombie apocalypse should such a thing ever occur. I mean, it won’t. But maybe it could? I don’t know, I just don’t want to be caught unprepared if the worst happens. After all, we watch the shows and the movies and we say we would be ready if zombies started roaming the streets, but are we really?

Let’s prepare together.

As an added bonus, it is my hope that this blog will also serve up some actual useful information in how to prepare for and survive (thrive?) other more plausible natural disasters. Sometimes survival is survival.

But if the disaster is the undead seeking fresh flesh? Well goddammit, we’ll be prepped and ready to lock & load.

What The Zombie Lifestyle Is NOT About:

Despite the name, this blog is NOT about how to have a super-cool awesome zombie lifestyle. If you are indeed a zombie, this blog will not tell you how to be the hippest ghoul on the block. Sorry. Try some of the fashion bloggers. Also, although I am a huge fan of zombies in the media, especially The Walking Dead, this isn’t a full-on review site. I might occasionally write about shows or movies or books but they won’t be a regular feature here and I will also be sure to avoid spoilers if at all possible.

Okay, but who writes this anyway?

I do.

The Zombie Lifestyle

It was kind of a rough day.

I am just your average Canadian mom and wife. I get my kids ready for school, I go to work and adult for eight straight hours, then I come home and either run or do yoga or relax, I watch too much Netflix with my husband, and always try to get by on way too little sleep.

But in between all of those things I spend far too much brain power figuring out how I’d escape my office building if an infestation of zombies suddenly burst in, how to get out of the bus on my commute if I suddenly needed out RIGHT NOW, what weapons are best for de-zombifying my surroundings, what the hell I would eat after the grocery stores were emptied, and whether my northern location would be a blessing (several months of winter = frozen zombies) or a curse (cold temperatures and no year-round growing of food).

So I figured instead of trying to hold all this stuff inside my head (or worse, talking about it incessantly), I’d give it a home. Here it is. You’re welcome.

Oh okay, fine, I don’t really look like that. I look like this. And hopefully it will stay that way because if I end up looking like the first picture then I guess it’s game over.

The Zombie Lifestyle

The Zombie Lifestyle

Join me!

Feel free to comment heartily on anything I post. Share it with your fellow disaster-prep and zombie-loving friends (we’ll need all the sane humans we can get!). You can reach out to me via email – undead@thezombielifestyle.com. You can also find The Zombie Lifestyle on other social media, so don’t be shy! God knows all this infrastructure won’t last long once the end of the world gets here, so we’d better connect now while we still can.

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